Wizard Hall of Fame

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          First off, I would like to thank Tyler Dream, Chase LifeCaster, and Jacob DeathHorn for helping me bring this idea to life. Without them this event wouldn't be what it is today, without them I wouldn't even pursue trying to pull off an event as big as this. I would like to thank the inductees of 2013, Paige MoonShade, Stephen SpiritCaller, Jack SilverSong, Tyler Dream, and Blake BlueFlame because without them actually agreeing to be apart of this and actually showing up to the ceremony we wouldn't have the reputation that we have :-). I would like to thank Trevor SoulSinger, Edward LifeGem and Ian StormStaff for helping spread the word of the event. And another thanks to Ian for creating our Banner and Twitter Icon. And finally thanks to all of those who showed up, who attended us on LoTS, who follow us on twitter, and who support us no matter what, thank you. 

- Hunter MythVault