Wizard Hall of Fame

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Date: August 15, 2014 

8:05 pm Eastern Time

7:05 pm Central Time

6:05 pm Mountain Time

5:05 pm Pacific Time

Hosts:  Hunter MythVault, Chase LifeCaster, Jacob DeathHorn, and Ian StormStaff

Where: Myth House

Pick Ups: Jacob DeathHeart level 2 Ice, Destiny ShadowHeart level 13 Fire, Grace Emerald level 11 Life.


No disrespecting each other

No begging for packs

No swearing or alternate swear words for example "shut the foo ok up"

No sore losers

No sore winners 

Have fun

Dress Theme:

Male: Suits (noble garb) any color combination, preferably black and white though. 

Female: Dresses, any color, any style dress. 

After Party:

    The after party will be hosted by David SilverHunter aka Frostcaller. It will be held at his Acropolis home, there will be PvP and random gifting. Keep the Pickups added because they will be the only way into the party unless of course you have a friend added who also has them added. So, enjoy the party, Frostcaller worked real hard on decorating the place it looks fantastic, see ya all there!